We formed the idea of SOS – Solutions Out Sourced when we identified a need for increased support in the non-bank space for advisers and lenders.

We have already worked together for many years as a team, are both friendly, open and easy to work with. We love dealing with all kinds of non-bank loan applications and scenarios, thinking outside the box, troubleshooting and finding solutions.

With over 20 years of collective experience in Non-Bank lending we’ve seen it all:

  • Tricky development including self-builds, partially completed, unitary plan, multi site subdivisions;
  • Messy marital separations;
  • Nasty tax arrears and IRD issues;
  • Ugly credit history including discharged insolvency and PLA rescues;
  • All kinds of other situations and reasons.

SOS will work with you to provide a transparent, fast and efficient support crew when you may be time poor/overseas/unfamiliar with non-bank, or for any reason at all.


It’s not all about us. SOS proudly support Project Moroto who provide safe dormitory living for Ugandan orphans. Every deal you send us will in a small way help contribute towards food, shelter and education for these children.

We care about the environment and as a company we try to reduce, re-use and recycle as much as we can.

We use Ecosia as our search engine which is like Google but very different. They use their ad revenue to plant trees where nature and people need them most. Check out their site here it’s awesome.

Ross Brogden
027 767 5626 | 027 SOS LOAN

Jen Latham
027 767 5366 | 027 SOS JENN